LeAnne C. Skinner, R.D., L.D.

LeAnne C. Skinner, R.D., L.D. has been in private practice for the past twenty-five years as a nutritionist for individuals, corporations, professional athletes, local celebrities, restaurant chains, State of Texas and medical institutions. As a registered, licensed dietitian, she is recognized as the specialist in the field of nutrition. Her Texas-based company, Austin Nutrition Consultants, offers individualized counseling, corporate wellness programs, medical nutrition therapy, recipe and menu development, sports and fitness counseling, and qualified nutritional speakers.
LeAnne is nationally recognized as a leader in the entrepreneurial field of dietetics, having served as a national and state officers, founding member of the entrepreneurial dietetics group, and a national mentor. She is a member if many professional associations including:

• American Dietetic Association
• Sports and Cardiovascular Nutritionists
• Texas State Board of Dietitians
• Nutrition Entrepreneurs
• American Dietetic Association
• American Diabetes Educators
• American Diabetes Association
• American Heart Association Speakers Bureau
• Food and Culinary Institute

LeAnne continues to provide innovative approaches to wellness and good health. “Our diet has a great impact on our lives and well-being … as a consultant it is exciting and rewarding to see the advances we are making to improve our quality of life!”